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Unit 5 is about managing the classroom. Eye contact, gestures, and voice are all very important in accomplishing what the teacher wants. The pros and cons of grouping students together is also discussed. Different seating arrangements and teacher position are demonstrated to help give ideas. Variety is always important in managing a classroom because it keeps the students fresh and interested. Maintaining control of the class and enforcing discipline are two extremely Important parts of successful learning and this lesson aids in going about both of those.For unit 20, we covered the troubleshooting common problem situations. We began by discussing how the first lesson with a group should be structured and the difference between new classes and classes where the students already have a rapport. We then discussed the importance of using warmer exercises, how to deal with different language levels within the same classroom, how to deal with large classes, what to do when students revert to their native language, how to manage reluctant students and how to help students who have difficulty with listening texts.