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I.A. – U.S. said:
In this unit the roles of a teacher and student were explained. The skills of a teacher and the teaching methodology for the students at different language levels were introduced. I learned the different roles of a teacher and the different types of students one would most likely encounter. Since students are adults they tend to bring their own experiences and wealth of knowledge about business into the classroom. I learnt that I should be aware of the students' situation in that they may not be there of their own accord but as a requirement or that the class is in their free time i.e. before work, during work or at lunch time and after work. As a result students may be tired or may disappear from class do to work related matters. This unit also covers topics which were taught in a previous course like the advantages and disadvantages of teaching 'one on one' versus groups and the productive and receptive skills. I also leant about the different teaching methods i.e. grammar translation, audio lingualism, the silent way, PPP and task based learning.