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This unit explored the various pieces of equipment teachers can use to effectively educate their students. Described were traditional methods, such as the whiteboard, visual aids, and cassette recorders. Ways of teaching that have become more popular over the last few decades were also mentioned, like computers and interactive whiteboards. What I learned in this unit were the correct usages of the conventional whiteboard. This is the most prominent method with which I have practiced, and I was not aware that capitalized words can be more difficult to read.In this chapter we focus on the different teaching aids used in the class room. The writing board white/black board , how to use it to maximise the use of the writing space and benefit the students, using layout and step by step techniques. what are the other different teaching aids such as, visual ( real objects, pictures etc), dvds , cds, tape, video camera, dictionaries , intelligent white boards etc are mentioned also other online resources like you tube , podcast , internet etc are listed. A lot of online resources for teachers is given for reference.