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This unit covered many different grammar points that overlapped what has been taught in previous lessons. The new topics that were focused on were conditionals and reported speech which I learned are very confusing for ESL students because of the tense changes and verb changes that occur in the clauses of speech when reporting speech. I learned that the best way to approach teaching students about these topics is to focus on one aspect at a time and teach it and review it very slowly because there are so many ways in which students can become confused and then discouraged.In this section I have learned that the attitude of the teacher goes a long way on how the class will go. If the teacher is positive and takes an interest in the students, the students are more likely to respond and want to learn more. If the teacher comes in and does not really care about the students or teaching, it will show in the teacher's attitude and can prevent the students from taking an interest in the class. Encouraging your students as apposed to negative comments and/or criticism will also help the students feel more confident in opening up during discussions.