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Reading and listening play very important roles in the success of students. Students should be motivated to listen and read and be able to understand what they are reading. Knowing the level of students and their interests are helpful in choosing texts to read and listen to. The motivation behind reading and listening to a text is key to how in depth and how much the student will read/ listen to. Giving activities afterwards to make sure students understand what they were listening to/reading, are also important as a check.This lessons helps me understand what type of lesson materials can be used in the classroom and how authentic and created materials can be used to make the class more interesting to the students. The various examples shown in the unit was quite engaging to me too and makes my understanding clear. It also helps me understand the advantages and disadvantages of using a course book and that the lesson should be a mix of the course book and the creativity of the teacher so that it is motivating for the learners of the language.