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Different appropriate type of tests will help the teacher and students evaluate their level and ability in learning. Placement test can be used to assist formation of groups of students at the same level, diagnostic tests are use to evaluate the students language level, which can be test at the beginning of the course. Progress tests can be used throughout the course, which tend to encourage students to review and revise. Lastly practices tests is the preparation for the external examination such as TOEFL, IELTS and many more.Lesson plans should be specific enough so that the teacher can effectively lead the class, simple enough that he can refer to it while teaching, and flexible enough so that it can be changed if necessary. In other words, the lesson plan should not be a script for the teacher to read, but guidelines that allow him to organize the class structure. Teachers should also be prepared for the lesson, meaning that they should check equipment ahead of time, arrive on time, and take control of the seating arrangements of the classroom.