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Unit 19,Teaching special groups. Teaching beginners a teacher should keep in mind the following the student may have little or no knowledge about the language, the student may be expose to english but have not being to an English class. The are some student have not got Any knowledge of the alphabet, in this light the teacher have to start form the base.Teaching invidual students usually use to scare me away but with this course i have being able to manage and improve greatly on my teaching of this set of students.Lessons focused on grammar or vocabulary are often straight arrow ESA lessons. Lessons about language functions are often a \"boomerang\" or \"patchwork\" type. However, we don't have to or should obey this as a rule. Realia is one of the methods that can be used during engage stage of teaching vocabulary. Some language functions are: agreeing, disageeing, suggesting, inviting. During language function lessons it is vital to activate students as much as possible. Role-plays are helpful activities during the lessons.