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English has a few different types of verbs that use multiple words to change the meaning of the verb. Modal Auxiliary verbs can be used to ask permission, give advice, show concern, or express if something is likely or possible. Phrasal verbs are multi-word verbs. They be intransitive (with no object) or transitive (with an object). Passive voice can also change how a verb is formed. Passive voice is used when the object of the action is more important than the \"doer\" of the action or when the \"doer\" is unknown or unnamed. Relative clauses are another type of phrase that can be used to describe or modify a noun in a sentence. Defining relative clauses give a description that is essential to the meaning of a sentence while non-defining relative clauses give a description to that is not essential and is separated from the sentence by commas. Any of these forms of speech may be difficult for students to master as they include many different verb words that must be changed to the correct form to communicate a specific meaning.