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I feel like this lesson was the least applicable to my situation. I work as an ALT in Japan and I have rather large classrooms. I feel like most of these activities were focused on smaller classrooms. For example the alphabet game would be great in a ten person class but I have 30 students. I can separate my class into groups but it would be harder to monitor their progress. It was interesting to learn about some of the different teaching styles. My favorite is the silent model. The color sticks sound really funny.There are many variations within the four present tenses and when each different one is used can sometimes be hard to decipher. Students will need plenty of example phrases given as worksheets as well as complete lists of irregular verbs to have on hand, and then plenty of opportunities to formulate their own questions and answers relating to the specific time . Understanding how the tenses are formed and then actively using the constructs in a fun practical way will inspire students and make learning interesting.