TESOL Jobs Bobo-Dioulasso Burkina Faso

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The idea of planning for lessons plays a pivotal role in managing and organisation of the learning process more especially to not so experienced teachers.Its a good tool to control and determine the effectiveness of the teaching and learning process.Targets are set for every lessons then a follow up on achievement of the goals is done at the end of every lesson.Time allocation for every phase of the lesson can easily be managed when using a lesson plan sheet and a record of the lessons keeps the step by step teaching,areas of opportunities for students in place.Aside from the technical aspects of teaching the Productive skills, this unit helped me understand the need to be aware of and sensitive to student-specific needs. For example, students who are reluctant to speak for any variety of reasons will need more encouragement and support. Teachers should be able to recognize and address these situations. Also helpful was learning that many current and well-worn games can be easily adapted to the classroom. This allows the teacher to be more student-centric rather than spending time coming-up with ideas for games to play.