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This unit covers different approaches to English instruction. It covers different variations on the \"Engage-Study-Activate\" format, as well as how to approach the fundamental aspects of English teaching, like teaching new vocabulary and grammar structures. I found this unit helpful because it combined the theoretical and more practical aspects of forming a lesson plan. For example, it explains how and why new vocabulary is vital for English learners, as well as precise methods and activities for teaching these new words.Equipment and aids are essential in the classroom. It lessens teachers talking time, introduces more meaning into different contexts, enables learners to gain more confidence before practice and the list goes on. Something I really enjoy teaching with is the E-board classroom; we can play quizzes, introduce new vocabulary with videos, practice the grammar topic with songs at lyricstraining.com or youtube, play online games. Internet is a must tool to motivate and assist students to effectively acquire the target language.