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Unit nine covered the topic of lesson planning and how to incorporate the Engage, Study, Activate phases into one's lessons. It also provided some examples of lessons to demonstrate what a lesson plan would look like for the topics shown and to relate some possible class/learning activities. The functions of a lesson plan and the section outlining how one should be written were helpful to me, as someone who has never before had to write a lesson plan and has only ever been in the student role of a classroom. One of the guiding principles of this unit, whether it was covering how to write a lesson plan or citing different potential lesson activities, was to maintain flexibility. Alongside maintaining flexibility in lesson planning, the need for awareness of both how students are using their time and how the teacher is using valuable lesson time within each phase (Engage, Study, Activate) was an important point made by this unit and was very helpful to have both pointed out in the beginning and demonstrated through the examples.