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Teaching equipment aid in making lessons more interesting, effective and less reliant on textbooks. There are many types of teaching aids including whiteboards,interactive whiteboards, overhead projectors,visual aids, dictionaries, course books,just to name a few. When using a board one should remember to organize and plan what goes on the board. The writing should be legible and neat since student would often write everything they see on the board. Start with a clean board and always remember to clean the board at the end of the lesson.This unit is really about getting to know your students and their level of L2 knowledge. Preparing accordingly for every possible type of class. Very important to know the basic do's and don't per type of class room and always be prepared with tools and relevant materials. Plan out class accordingly using variety of techniques learned in the various units. Practice and preparation is key as a teacher. It will take time to build up the confidence to teach as well as master all the information taught in this course. Practice makes perfect.