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In this unit I learned that many of us will have been exposed to this system of and techniques in the state school sector.Ther are principles in this system when learning the language and the foreign language being learned. It has effect that is it need to be translated. In this feature the teacher and students has to exist in a parent-children relationship.Also ther should be an oral review of the previous lesson which it should followed by presentation and discussion of the new language.At the end of each lesson students should listen to relaxing music while the teacher reads the new dialogue.Finally the teacher need some tools to use in class that is flashcards,ans also draw for the student to see what you are talking about.I also learned that group work is good , that students work in groups and design their own super animal presentation in class.Also when teaching the teacher have to know what shoul be corrected and how to correct a student.It can be difficult for teacher to know exactly what type of mistake to correct.