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Modal verbs are used in conjunction with conventional verbs to modify their meaning. In English, they are the primary means through which we make requests and talks about likelihoods. Each of the modal verbs has a different convention for its usage in the various tenses which can lead to confusion, since these rules are not systematic. Passive voice has its own set of tense changes as well as the quirk that the verb is always conjugated to the past participle, regardless of when the event actually occurred. Phrasal verbs also require a degree of memorization in their usage. In order to use them correctly, students have to know which phrasal verbs fall into which categories which are rather arbitrary. Each of the topics discussed in this unit (with the exception of relative clauses) requires that a large number of rules for usage be deeply ingrained in the speakers mind. It is therefore useful for the teacher to make frequent usage of modal verbs, the passive voice and phrasal verbs in order to get students used to them.