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Modal auxiliary verbs are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main verb. They are used to express obligation, possibility/probability, permission/prohibition, ability, and advice. They can also indicate the degree of formality. They don't change according to the person. Passive voice is used when it is not known, not important, or you don't want to say who is performing the action. Clauses are dependent, independent, or relative. Relative clauses describe, identify, or give further information about the noun. Phrasal verbs are multi-word verbs. That is, a verb plus one or two particles. Intransitive modal verbs cannot be followed by a direct object. In transitive separable modal verbs, the object pronoun can only come between verb and particle, and the object noun can come either between the verb and particle or after the particle. In transitive inseparable modal verbs, the object phrase or object pronoun comes after the particle. Transitive inseparable modal verbs also include thos that have two particles.