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In unit 15, we discussed about the different ways to evaluate our students and the most common external proficiency tests. We can evaluate our students using different types of test depending on what we want to asses from them. There are five types of test: - Placement tests are used to assist the formation of classes depending on the students’ English level. - Diagnostic tests are given at the beginning of the course, they tell us about our students’ strengths and aptitude towards the language. This information will help us to plan our lessons accordingly to our students’ needs. - Progress tests are used periodically to asses if the learning has taken place and to show areas of weakness that we need to reinforce. - Practice tests are used for revision purposes and should follow the style and content of the real exam. - General external examinations are used to measure the proficiency in the language. They are divided in three large groups: general English, academic English, and Business English.