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A.W. – U.S. said:
this unit deals with receptive skills which cover listening and reading. they are all very important because they help in receiving information. Reading could be done in many ways depending on your objectives. you could be reading for fun or finding a a particular information. you could also be reading in detail to have a good understanding of the material.All these also imply to listening. so many difficulties could be encountered by the teacher when trying to teach receptive skills. sometimes the material could be long and having some difficult words which the students cannot understand. so it makes everything boring for the students and they wont be able to concentrate and enjoy the lesson. but certain majors could be put in place to help solve these problems. the teachers should be careful in choosing topics. he should get interesting topics which the students are kind of familiar with. he should also explain the difficult words to them to ease their understanding. teaching receptive skills has to do with first knowing the reasons why the material is being read or listened to then it will be easy to know the structure in which its being done. try to identify the students problems and know how to handle them