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It is important for students to be exposed to a language, to listen and understand its structures, to study the grammar, structures, spelling, pronounciation etc. but also to use the language actively during the lesson. It is equally important to pay attention both to grammar and the vocabulary. As for the grammar, every level involves certain grammar structures. That is not the case with the vocabulary, therefore, it is difficult for teachers to determine the list of words when they are planning and prepairing their lessons. Teacher's books are helpful in cases such as these but teacher should also focus on the vocabulary in terms of the level (beginners need a clear and comprehensible vocabulary), appropriacy, frequency etc. and at the end of the lesson students shoud know the meaning, the spelling, the pronounciation,use and corpora. When we teach the grammar or the vocabulary, we can use the ESA lesson structures such as Straight Arrow, Boomerang and Patchwork with all the methodes and activities they include.