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This unit covers an overview of the use of grammar in the English language, that is, words and sentences in the English language consist of such things as nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, etc., and within each category, there are subcategories. I learned how vast it is the subject of English grammar and how complex it can be. There are so many conditional rules, as there are rules of exception in the use of English grammar. As I was learning this unit, I developed for myself two questions (and I hope to find defensible answers to these questions from this course) - (a) How can I teach English grammar in ways that are effective and engaging to ESL students, given that the subject is seemingly dry and so \"rules-driven\"? and (b) What are the special challenges of teaching English grammar to ESL students that are of the iPhone or Facebook generation? In this medium of communication, a new set of grammar rules seems to have prevailed, modeled by the native speakers of the English language?