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In this unit I learned about the actions and expectations of the teachers and learners. Plus the different roles of both the teachers and learners. During a class teachers have the role of model. observer, organizer, assessor, prompter, participant, and manager. Through the class and the activities of the class that day, the role of the teacher will change. The teacher also must understand that the different levels or ages of the learners effect how they absorb information. Its hard to keep the attention of younger students but adult students might be more embarrassed to try and make mistakes. However younger students lack life experiences which help make classes interesting and different, whereas adult learners have that and they also have more learning experience. However it is easier for younger learners to absorb the information and new sounds of the language. Also at the end of the unit I reviewed the different levels of learners from basic to advanced. As well as the European system which moves from A2-C2.