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So...Lesson planning is fun because you get to organize the different activities for each day and decide on what fun things you could do with the kids to create a fun learning environment. I also think that as long as there is enough time in the day without a teacher being stressed out prepping learning material is also quite fun and an integral part of lesson planning. Aside for it being fun, I also think it is really helpful in enabling an educator to stay focused on what they are teaching and what the kids are working on. For me, sometimes my mind gets busy and there are things that distract me, so to have a record of what went on throughout the day is going to be very helpful. It even helps me organize my thoughts and future intentions, even if I do not have to revert back to it, just simply writing it out does wonders for me. It also reduces nervous feelings or anxiety. I am sure these personal things will definitely come up because I am going to be new to TEFL and I will want to do my best as an educator.