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This was a very interesting unit. It had me remember some of my favourite teachers in school. Their lessons usually followed the ESA lessons. They would make us interested in the new topic by engaging us somehow, either with a story or a picture. These classes made me interested in topics I had never thought of as interesting before, but through my teachers engaging us, I became interested and it made me want to learn more. I really liked learning about the ESA lessons because it helps me figure out how I am going to structure my lessons. I now know that students like teachers need variety in lessons so no one gets bored and dreads going to a lesson. Each class should be new and there should be fun times in class where the teacher isn't talk too much, or correcting everyones grammar. Students need to feel free to speak English freely, wether its at the beginning of class to warm-up or at the end of class to practice what they have learnt, there needs to be time where the students are doing the most talking.