TESOL Jobs Brazil Sao Jose Dos Campos

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I enjoyed this section a lot. I felt that I learned a lot about teaching a second language, and I could see myself in a lot of the examples because I am currently learning German. I loved learning about Receptive vs Productive vocabulary, I now have words to describe the difference between words I use all the time in Germany vs the words I know but don't use. I feel like as an English teacher learning German will make me more sympathetic, because I know how hard it is learning a second language. I understand that pronunciation of certain words is difficult. I also never thought about Language as a Function, it was interesting to read that invitations are an area in English that needs to be taught. After reading about it, and thinking about it, it made sense but it was something I never would have realised without reading about it in the class. While this was a short lesson, I thought it was very informative and very interesting. I loved learning about how to teach vocabulary, grammar, and language functions.