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In this unit I was able to get a clear idea of the different language levels and what they are exactly; I used to think there were only three, beginner, intermediate and advanced. I have been a student of different subjects and teachers for most of my life so I had a good idea of what makes a good student and a successful teacher. I never thought about that as an experienced student you come in to work with a new teacher with a fixed mind about how a teacher should be, this sometimes can demotivate students or motivate them depending in their past learning experiences. What I found more interesting out of the whole unit was to see that some age groups are more difficult to teach than others, for example adults older than eighteen may have made the decision on their own to learn English therefor they are more motivated to be in class and they want to learn but in the other hand early teen age learners might be the most difficult to teach as they are often found to be self-conscious and unwilling to take risk.