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Unit 15 Evaluating & Testing, covers the different ways in which a students' English proficiency and progress can be measured. And, shows how many test are available in both England and America for different applications. From tutorials moderated by the instructor, self-evaluations (provided to student by the teacher) to tests, all of these are ways that student's skill levels can b e improved and measured. Tests comprise of the following: Placement testing: a measurement of how much English the student knows and at what level class to place them in. Progress tests: which are given sporadically to find out what the student has a working knowledge of and what he or she may have forgotten. Diagnostic tests: are the same as placement tests and gauge what the student knows. Practice tests: are used to prepare the students for taking external English tests and must mirror their formats exactly. Many tests are also given to measure general English, business English and academic English in both America and England.