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The Unit gives a brief display of the basic phonological terminology, namely intonation, stress and rhythm. The suggested techniques for indicating intonation (e.g. nonsense words, gestures, songs etc.) and stress (e.g. gestures, choral work, stress marks etc.) should be taken into consideration while teaching pronunciation because this language segment is often neglected in classrooms. The Unit also includes the information on the articulation – place and manner of articulation. The teaching techniques for the pronunciation of individual sounds, is the part of the Unit I’ve found the most interesting and useful for future teaching practice. Whenever there are new words or words that are difficult to pronounce (for students) the teacher should (and I’ll try to) include one of the suggested techniques (at a time) in order to practice pronunciation, which is nowadays, as stated above, often neglected. By doing this the practice will be perceived as a fun activity (especially tounge-twisters).