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This unit centered on the five future tenses, what forms they take on, and what their usages are. I felt this section did a good job of coming up with different but creative ways to teach each tense, including teaching future simple with palm reading and teaching future perfect with a diary format. At the end of this section there was also a brief refresher on the present tenses that I had learned about previously in the course. From this unit I learned the distinct difference between future perfect and future perfect continuous, determined by how long something will have continued by a certain time, or if it will have been completed by a certain time in the future. I also learned a lot about usage from this section, including some of the many similarities in the tenses. For example, both the future simple tense and the ‘going to’ future tense deal with predictions as a form of usage, but the latter focuses on ones made based on evidence and the former focuses on ones based on no present evidence.