TESOL Jobs Bulawayo Zimbabwe

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Very intense and meaningful. As a trained teacher in another area, I found this unit to be very beneficial. I have come across some areas before however the topics are named differently.I was able to relate to some topics which made it a little easier to absorb.Some I learnt about for the first time especially the section about corrections techniques. The ESA method i found to be very interesting. I really enjoyed learning about this area.Troubleshooting: How to try to predict the start of a new class. Have lots of confidence. Plan for contingencies. Have backup classroom lessons. Find out about the students so you can start to work on what will work for them. A class session where the students get to find out about each other. Interesting what can come out of that. Try class warmer activities to get the mood going. If you have to bring in a bribe box of chocolates so be it.