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A.M. – U.S.A. said:
This unit discussed various types of lesson planning ideas and larger contexts in order to teach a variety of business language themes. The unit covered ways to use case studies, frameworking, problem based learning, games, computer aided learning and speech act theory. At the end examples of lesson plans created for three different English levels were also provided. Each of these topics were presented as a way to cover functional language in business contexts, specific business vocabulary, and also general language points (grammar, parts of speech, etc.) that doesn't limit lesson plans to prescriptive ideas, but rather more communicative. The section on adapting games was very interesting because I discovered some new ideas for adapting old favorites. This section also provided a useful recommendation for selecting games, which is to decide what language point you would like to teach and then choose and adapt the game rather than choosing the game first. This will help make adapting the game much easier and, especially for adult students, has the potential to give more aim and purpose to an educational game.