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This unit dealt with several things. Initially is was explaining the uses of modal verbs. Eventually it explained some of the passive, and active voice. As is the pattern with the grammar units so far I struggled with this one for some time, and at great difficulty. I don't feel that the material really explained the difference between passive, and active in a way that I could easily convey to someone that doesn't have experience. Also I found myself confused by transitory and non transitory verbs.There are two types of classroom materials: authentic (have been produced for a purpose other than the classroom) and ono-authentic (have been produced for the specific purpose of being a teaching aid). Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but both are very useful in a classroom. Before each lesson it's very important to plan the lesson and put it on paper. It records what you will cover in the lesson so you don't forget anything. And it is a record of what YOU HAVE COVERED WITH A CLASS.