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Overview. The lesson plan is a framework that guides teachers to achieve the educational goals in the classroom.. It helps to break goals into achievable objectives. It also serves as a source of reference for others in the future. It makes lessons taught clearer and more structured. Applying the ESA method in the lesson plan helps teachers to prepare lessons to meet students needs. Bedides,it is aims at improving teaching methodologies at the end of the learning process. For instance, teachers are abke to tell whether the lesson was successful or not(any correction if need be).A simple and understandable unit, without too much new information or grammar parts that I was unaware about. As I mentioned in one of my previous reflections, it's a unique and interesting way to group all, in this case past, tenses together. However, some sample activate teaching ideas contained a few interesting points which I would be very interested to apply during my lessons. Also I believe that most common mistakes and errors depend largely on the students' native language as that is what initially translate from and compare with when they try to form sentences in English.