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For a non native speaker it is not easy to understand the different usage of the future tenses. Especially the difference between future simple and going to future is something a teacher has to explain very good with as many examples as possible. Using present simple and continous as future tenses needs explanations as well. The usage of the future contnious forms is again difficult to understand. You need to be a good teacher to do this in a way that especially young learners know the difference and understand the intention.In this unit, the different equipments that can be utilized in the classroom are identified and explained. I learned that way one teaches and the way one learns is really impacted by how. I think the more creative a teacher gets, the more the students can enjoy learning and therefore get the most out of the learning experience. Equipments such as video cameras I feel are really great tools for learning. It has endless use, from creating skits to drama's and operas. Then the students get to look back on it and self-evaluate.