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Visual and audio aids can bring language to life for students. Most students would agree that there is nothing more boring than a teacher who drones on and on, not giving students a mental break from the sound of their voice. Additionally, students learn in different ways - for some, taking notes or filling out worksheets helps them most. For others, hearing is most essential. And for a great many students, seeing is the most important trigger for learning - a picture of a house, for instance, will be much more memorable than just drilling the word \"house.\This unit talks about teaching special groups and how the approach should be different according to each group. For example, when teaching children, language needs to be kept clear and activities should be varied and short to help hold children's interest. When teaching beginners, special attention should be paid to the reading and writing skills of students coming from countries which use a non-Roman alphabet. I have learnt that when preparing a business English course it is a good idea to carry out a Needs Analysis before deciding on the lesson programme.