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I realized in this unit that the ultimate goal in any classroom is for the students, themselves, to become competent enough to evaluate their own level and progress throughout the year. Thus, feedback is crucial and necessary for a student's growth, but too much of it and an overt criticism on their work may cause a lasting dependent relationship on the teacher. The idea of not being able to do it alone defeats the purpose of learning. In order to asses a student's level, I need to give out tutorials, activities where students can evaluate the teacher or the course, and tests. Placement and/or diagnostic tests, progress tests and then longer, formal tests should be given out in the beginning, middle and end of a class term, accordingly, to gauge out a student's position, development and overall comprehension of the material. This way, I'd be able to better understand the students' language level and how they react to what I do, all whilst generating an awareness of what is happening in the classroom.