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This unit's purpose was to explain the differences and challenges teachers may face educating certain kinds of students. Young beginners is a group that has already been addressed in previous chapters, but focusing on the details of teaching them, and how to deal with certain problems, like boredom, for example, is helpful. The most interesting for me, however, was the explanation of how to teach/approach a class wanting to learn specifically business English. I expected that there would need to be a special course for an English teacher to be qualified to teach business English, but the unit explained that not knowing specifics about business is sometimes helpful in teaching. I do wish that the unit went into more detail about dealing with a multilingual class, but I understand that it probably is a situation not most TEFL teachers are going to find themselves in if they are going to another country to teach. I probably won't have a multilingual class if I want to teach in South Korea, for example.