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Unit 16: In this unit, I learned about conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals have two parts to them. The first part being an 'if' or 'when' statement. The second part is the main consequence. There five types of conditionals. Firstly, is the Zero Condition. This represents actions and facts that are undeniable. Secondly, is the First Condition. This represents an actual situation that could possibly happen in the future once the condition has been fulfilled. Thirdly, is the Second Condition. This represents a present or future speculative situation that is currently untrue and unlikely to ever be true. Fourthly, is the Third Condition. This represents a hypothetical past action and the possible past result. Fifthly, is the Mixed Conditional. This represents a mix, obviously, of a possible action and the questionable present result. I would use Split Sentences and Complete the Conditional during the Study Stage. The Activate Stage could include the following activities: \"Chain Conditions\