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This unit covers how to use materials to enhance, compliment, supplement and engage students with the new language. Authentic materials are just about anything that allows for greater identification of the words and sentence meanings. The use of teacher created materials allows for specific needs to be met, as the teacher can use their creative and/or artistic talents to make things more interesting and engaging. It also covers the benefits and drawbacks of text books in terms of already supplied plans and course work and yet, may not be beneficial to all students learning needs.Quite a tough one. Made me think a lot about language structures, vocabulary teaching, functions, all mixing together in my head. Thankfully, after scrolling through the pages a few times and trying to answer the questions in task sheets repeatedly, it successfully clicked and all the knowledge fit together like a puzzle. Cannot wait to give it a break though and move on from definitions and theory to much simpler and more practical future tenses. By which I only want to say that it is truly helpful when more complex lessons are followed by the simple ones and thus well-balanced.