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This one was really difficult. These are things which I am used to saying and can say correctly, but having to identify their verb tense is extremely difficult. I think learning to speak these things correctly is much easier in context rather than learning how to form each type of sentence and then match the sentence to the situation at the time of speaking. It is important to learn these things, but I don't want to confuse my students with these tenses unless they are very good with English speaking already and need a grammar primer.The 11th unit concerns receptive skills - reading and listening. It is explained that the two main reasons for reading and listening are aims or entertainment. I learnt that are several skills that a student should gain to be able to understand the content of written or spoken messages. Subsequently, it is explained that the main difficulties of comprehension arise from the nature of the language employed in texts or listening activities. However, there are various techniques that a teacher can use in order to overcome this hindrance.