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There are many different methods of teaching EFL lessons. The most effective method is the ESA, which represents engage, study, and activate. Most of time, teachers do no correct or interrupt students in the engage and activate stages. These two stages are for students to use as much English as they can. Teachers will do proper corrections in the study stage. As long as teachers will start a class with engage stage and end a class with activate stage, there is no set order of ESA method for teachers to use during a specific EFL class.To teach effectively,effective class managment is important. Unit five introduces different methods such as seating arrangement, grouping students according to the activity and establishing discipline. The pros and cons of each arrangement and method is also described, suggestion are given on how to build rapport. This unit is very important because a person who has no classroom teaching experience can have an idea of what kind situations and students a teacher might have to deal with and what are some of the things a teacher can do.