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Unit 18 is a grammar unit. It examines modal verbs, passive voice and phrasal verbs. Modals can be used to express obligation, possibility, probability, permission, prohibition, ability, advice, necessity, preference. It is shown how to form and use modals in the present, the future and the past. The concept of active and passive voices of English is explained. Transitive verbs are used in the passive voice. Formation of passive voice is given in the unit. Teaching ideas are recommended. Independent, dependent, relative clauses and phrasal verbs are introduced in the unit.Grammar is not an easy part of learning English. Modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice are not exception. It can be even challenging for non-native speakers to learn and teach English. But no need to worry, despite phrasal verbs have a lot of meanings and can be tricky, all the teacher and students need is a good lessons material and patience. Although I should notice that that unit was a bit difficult for me, especially part about types of phrasal verbs, that was a new information for me. It's actually good to know and understand new material, I feel more confident now.