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I am noticing a pattern where I have a lot more difficulty answering grammar related questions in comparison to ones regarding teaching technique and lesson structure. I am sure that not everyone who take this course do not have the same experience, but for those who have the same difficulties as me I think these units would be more intuitive if the tenses would be split up in even smaller chunks. For instance, having one unit for three of the tenses contained in unit 8 and one unit for the rest.When beginning a course it is important to first determine the level of English that your learners are at; this can be done through a process of levelling testing. After conducting a level test it is advisable to move onto a needs analysis in order to determine what would be most appropriate to include in your syllabus. If your learners are of a relatively high level in English one might consider conversing directly with them to ascertain what they would like to learn and expect from the lessons.