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There is a wide range of visual aids to enhance learning of language. Each has its won advantages and advantages. There are also online resources that we can use to help us with our lessons. A combination of pre-made materials and created materials suited for the student's need is essential to deliver a topic. In this day and age of technology, we can even use our smartphones to connect to a projector or source out IWB materials and store on our cloud memory. These may be sourced out for later use on your computer.The unit provided an overview of the use of past tenses in the english language. Namely: the use of simple past tense for actions starting and ending in the past, secondly for past continuous for actions that have started in the past and are continuing in the present, third the past perfect for actions that have started and ended in the past before another action that is also in the past, and lastly, the past perfect continuous for actions that were going on in the past up until another action in the past happened.