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Unit 11 introduced receptive skills and methods for teaching them. Though the material in this level is generally common sense, I've been working in Japanese school systems where receptive skills are the only skills emphasized and tested, so a lot of the information was a refresher for me, especially about how receptive and productive skills are equally important, and the importance of authentic materials at higher levels. While receptive skills are emphasized and tested here, there is not much reasoning as to why, nor is there much focus on student interest, so the ideas to create student interest (through variety, etc.) are also important. I'm curious about jigsaw reading, which I'm not fully sure that I understand yet. I also liked the idea of pre-teaching difficult vocabulary, but not all of it, to leave room for self-motivated inquiry or skimming skills on the students' part. Unit 12, focusing on skills that I've rarely, if ever, been encouraged to teach, should be extremely valuable.