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This unit provides samples of an ineffective lesson and an effective lesson. I thought the example videos were very effective and easy to understand. Seeing the ESA lesson plan structure in action made it clearer to me how effective it can be. It also reminded me of how I myself have been taught other subjects in a similar manner and how positive of an effect they had on me as a student. The language ability and age of my current students prevents me from trying a lot of these techniques myself, but I hope I will get the chance to utilize them in the future.Evaluation and assessment are essential components of the teaching and learning process. Without these two, we will never know if our objectives are met. Constant evaluation also contributes to the teacher's ways of creating lesson plans. In this unit, I appreciate the student evaluation to encourage peer mentoring. External exams are several options suited to assess the level of English proficiency of individuals who wish to live, work or study abroad. As teachers it is our duty to guide them achieve their personal goals and live the life they wish have.