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This unit was all about how to organize and maintain a classroom environment. There are some key fundamentals, such as eye contact, gestures, and voice that can be modulated to improve the setting. When grouping students, there are pros and cons to different arrangements. Whole-class grouping creates a sense of belonging and gives the teacher control of the whole class. Students working on their own allows the teacher to address individual needs and helps students be more self-reliant. Pairwork increases student talk time, but can be noisy. Classroom arrangements will differ and have different feelings. As well, there is a balance between STT and TTT. TTT is good to allow for a source of clear English for the students, but it's good to avoid unnecessary TTT. Beyond these, there's the issue of rapport and discipline. Rapport helps make a classroom enjoyable. And there's also the job of maintaining discipline, which can be avoided by teacher preparation, respect, and never losing one's temper.