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Unit 7 focuses on how to teach a new language to student, which means to teach a new concept of language that is different from the student's Native Language. Indeed, to teach new vocabulary, the teacher must specify its meaning, but also how to use it, how to say it, how to spell it and where to place it in a sentence. Therefore, teaching new vocabulary includes also to teach the grammatical structure and the usage ; the teacher should motivate the students to use new vocab through games, role-play, debate, without forgetting, before, to include the writing part, through stories or work sheet games to make sure the lesson has been understood. It is important to have a lesson plan ready, gathering all the requirements, with stages to involve students and increase their motivation. Again, the engage stage is very important to make the students confident and motivate. The activate stage, at the end of class, pushes them to speak, exchange and create with what they have learnt during the class.