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In the first lesson, the teacher fails to effectively engage the students. The students are confused and feel intimidated by the teacher. He fails to provide clear explanations of the task, of modal auxilliary verbs, doesn't introduce himself and doesn't learn the students names. He lacks use of body language and his attitude towards the students is rude and discouraging. He also doesn't apply useful teaching methods to the tasks, i.e. he fails to engage the class first. In the second video the teacher is much more positive, is smiling and looks happy to be teaching the students. The students are happy to be in the class, as the are laughing and smiling along with the teacher. He asks the students to display their names which is a very useful tactic. His engage, study and activate phases are well executed and appropriate for the student's language level. He is not rude and doesn't dwell on mistakes. He is good at correcting errors, doesn't make the students feel bad about making a mistake.