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T.A. - South Africa said:
In this unit I learned that there are 2 skills that are important when teaching English. Receptive skills are listening and reading. Productive skills are speaking and writing. When teaching listening and reading skills there are steps that can be taken to help avoid learning problems. When introducing a new topic or new text, going over the text and any vocabulary that is unknown is the first step. When selecting the text to be used during the lesson a couple of things to take into consideration are, if the text will be authentic (a newspaper article or magazine)or non-authentic, and the level of the students. Also when selecting materials to teach receptive skills, choosing a variation of topics over time is best to meet the interests of the students. The three common problems that students have with listening materials are; the accent of the person in the audio, the speed that the person is speaking and it is easier to be lost with the information if a word is not known or understood. Three common problems with reading materials are; the length of the phrases/sentences, the the format of the text if it is accurate with the level of the students (formal or informal) and many times the material will be read word for word.