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In this unit we learned about 3 more complex parts of English. Modal auxiliary verbs can be very difficult for ESL students to learn, due the their complexity, and the fact that many of these verbs have multiple uses. We also studied the passive voice and its use, and phrasal verbs. This unit also included ideas for teaching these concepts to students effectively. In this unit I feel I have learned about some complex aspects of English that many people use naturally but may not have knowledge of their terminology or the reasons for their use.Though I have experience teaching, none of it is formally teaching language. All of my language instruction has been very informal, and revolves mostly around conversations and the revision of papers. I was already of the understanding that vocab and grammar should be pretty well balanced in the curriculum, but I had no more than a vague notion that language functions need to be taught. They seem so inherently a part of my speech patterns, that until it was pointed out, I didn't even recognize it as a separate thing that needs to be taught.